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Donald Trump is a “CONMAN”, “CHEAT” and a “RACIST”

Donald Trump is a “CONMAN”, “CHEAT” and a “RACIST” according to Donald Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen who is testifying to the Congressional hearing today For lying to the Congress to protect Donald Trump, Michael Cohen was convicted and now serving jail sentence that the Whitehouse has been attempting to paint Michael Cohen as a liar therefore, the Whitehouse Press Secretary Sara Sanders says, whatever a convicted criminal says should not be believed or not taken seriously. In my opinion it is a little rich for the White House staff to make such statements. There are records of Trump lied over 8000 times in the first year of his presidency and such lies were endorsed by none other than the formidable Sara Huckabee Sanders!. I think it is too late for the Whitehouse to come up with lame excuses to cover up Donald Trump’s culpabilities. If any Presidents anywhere in the World except USA had committed 1% of what Trump’s criminal records they will be in prison now. The only reason why Donald Trump is still squandering the Tax Payer’s money gallivanting around the World can only be that the US Judiciary and the Senate are infested with criminals of similar ilk.

Lincoln Rasalingam

Selva Rasalingam as the King Herod and as Jesus Christ

Comedy Corner

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Robert Mueller says quite categorically that if Donald Trump was innocent he would have said so  but what he said was that he did...

Wind Mills

TRUMP'S THE SECRET IS OUT! Donald Trump doesn’t like wind mill or wind energy.  He has been mocking the wind mill for quite a while....